Friday, January 08, 2010

Yarn Haul!!

I totally just realized that I forgot to update my Christmas yarn haul on here. Dressew is EVIL!! $1.99 a ball!?!?

So the story is, I went to Vancouver before Christmas to be a nice and drive my sister up here for the holidays. She had to work on the 23rd and I figured if I got there the night before, then I'd have plenty of time to check out the yarn stores down there since I'd never been. First Yarn stop (not the first stop of the day, in fact by this time I'd already spent most of my budget) was Sweet Georgia Yarns, a lovely lady who has a dye studio that's not really a shop, but you can drop by and see her doin her thing.
An unassuming building:

What you see when the elevator door opens:

I got 2 skeins of Fairy Floss (Purple), and after Christmas I went back and got 2 skeins of Big Buttercrunch

Next stop was Birkeland Bros. where I picked up a little bit of roving. And after MUCH to much walking I made it to Three Bags Full, where I picked up my first 2 balls of Noro.

Then I was headed down to East Hastings to check out Bad Anna's (which was totally awesome AND having a sale the day I was driving my sister BACK to Van) where the totally awesome girl told me about the yarn they had at Dressew for $1.99 a ball. I wasn't originally going to go there as it's mostly just acrylic junk, but they had some 100% wool too, and as it turns out, some yarn that I had been looking for in Kamloops and couldn't find.

So things got a little out of hand there:

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