Monday, April 05, 2010

Go Lisa! It's Your Birthday!

Gonna party like it's your birthday!

Well, not really. This year I'm not so into my birthday. Maybe it's because of the number (31, or as I was saying last Wednesday 25 for the 6th time), maybe it's because my favorite spot to celebrate just closed down last week. Or maybe it's because every year that I get totally excited and plan something spectacular (or only mildly amusing), it always turns out to be disappointing.

Last year I had a big shin-dig planned for my 30th, but I was horribly horribly sick and had to cancel it. Some close friends and I went out for dinner then next week, but it just wasn't the same.

This year I'm just all shades of depressed, and I'm not expecting anything, not even presents. I've been a hermit for the past year, not working much and mooching of my parents. I wasn't even expecting the traditional check from the parents this year, in fact I was hoping I wouldn't get one. I don't feel like I deserve it. So I thank my dad for giving me an iTunes gift card instead.

I can only hope that this year will turn out even slightly better than last year. It would be nice to have a job throughout the whole year instead of just now and then. And maybe one day I'll find that elusive shiny button that you push and your life just falls together perfectly. Once day... Not today though...

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